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3 Times Large Companies Got Their Strategy Wrong

Finding the right digital marketing strategy is a priority for all web-based entrepreneurs of the internet age. The algorithms that decide if a website makes it to the top listing, or is condemned to the obscurity of page 1000, perhaps even delisted altogether, are constantly changing.

It may be a relief for you to see that this is a concern for all companies. In the last two decades of monumental changes in SEO, even some of the most established companies have gotten it wrong from time to time. Some have even faced the wrath of Google as a result. Here are just a few examples of seriously bad decision making in the world of SEO and digital marketing strategy.

BMW falls foul of Google  

Even in the earliest days of its rise to dominance, Google was prepared to lay down the law for major firms using forbidden blackhat practices.

In 2006, BMW was punished with what the BBC called, the Google ‘death penalty’ for using doorway pages to unfairly rank higher for valuable keywords and to inflate inbound link numbers. 

These dubious tactics bagged them the top ranking for the sought-after term “used car” for a while. Until of course, Google discovered their trick and punished them accordingly with the zero rank ‘score of death’. This resulted in their disappearance from the search engine for a significant period of time.

Toys “R” US Forgets to Tell The SEs where They Put The Toys

Not all blunders in SEO are the result of bad intentions. Sometimes companies just take their eye off the ball. In 2009, global toy retailer Toys “R” US spent $5.1million on the domain name. 

They intended to migrate to this catchy address with high hopes of boosting their visibility and accessibility. Unfortunately, the company neglected to adequately redirect their old URL prior to launch.  

As a result, Google re-indexed the new website and the company took a huge plunge in the rankings, and the companies grip slipped on the #1 #2 #4 position for the term “toys”, opening the door to their competitors and the unkind years that followed.

Ryanair Misses Their Own Connections

Sometimes an SEO blunder is the result of good intentions. This was the case for Ryanair, perhaps the most famous/infamous of all the low-cost airlines. In response to growing frustration from customers, the Irish airline undertook a website revamp and redesign to improve usability which they unveiled in the summer, their busiest time of the year. 

Yet again a failure to correctly redirect content from a former site was at fault. As a consequence, the company skydived out of the top hundred results for millions of searches for flights. Some unwanted attention from the media followed along with some expensive nights redirecting those links, eventually, the company recovered its places in the rankings. 

If Even The Big Dogs Get It Wrong, What Chance Do I Have?

As we can see from these mistakes, an SEO strategy must be correctly planned and well informed. Changes to the content and appearance of a website must also take into consideration the value of previous versions of a website to Google.

An appropriate redirecting process should be undertaken prior to launching any new website. To avoid the “Google Death Penalty”, blackhat tactics should be avoided at all costs. Small and medium-sized companies cannot afford to make these mistakes either. rankingCoach is an all in one digital marketing solution that empowers users to take control of their internet marketing. 

rankingCoach incorporates the latest trends in web marketing and checks for potential pitfalls such as dead-links and unoptimized pages. Start your free trial now.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. Are there any topics you would like us to cover in this blog?  Please let us know in the comments section below.

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15 May, 2019