rankingCoach Glossary

Landing pages

Special pages are frequently developed for the purpose of carrying out promotions or campaigns on the Internet - these are so-called landing pages. These pages are usually optimized to one or more keywords so that they can be found via search queries for certain terms. From the search results, you reach a landing page by clicking on a text link or a banner ad. The landing page is perfectly tailored to the search query and the desired offer is put in focus without deviation and distraction. A … read full article


A link (short form of hyperlink) is the connection of information with a point within the same or a different website. The link is usually HTML-based. Links based on JavaScript are not followed by most crawlers. read full article

Link Popularity

Link popularity is the number of links from third-party pages that refer to a certain web page (e.g. your own). Search engines give greater significance to those web pages which many other sites refer to with a link. However, it is also important here how substantial the link popularity of the websites is that are linking to the respective web page. Links that are on higher rated websites are of greater importance within the link popularity than links from websites that have a lower … read full article

Link exchange

A link exchange is characterized by the fact that two website operators each set a link to the other person's site, i.e. exchange links. The purpose of this is to increase the link popularity (see link popularity), which results in a higher ranking in the search engine results. read full article

Link text

Whenever a link is placed on a website (for example in a blog roll), this is embedded in a link text. Instead of the usually very long and not meaningful URL, this link text then appears on the website, which is often offset from the rest of the text by a different colored appearance. The link text in the HTML code looks like this: Link-Text. Only "link text" is then still visible on the website, which is backed by the corresponding link. On the one hand, the link text is important for … read full article

Link building

In search engine optimization, link building is an important action in the context of off-page optimization. Search engines rate websites particularly well if they are linked to frequently. These are also called backlinks. This is not just about the quantity here, however, but increasingly mainly about the quality of the links. The significance the website has (from the search engine's perspective) that is linking to your own website therefore also plays an important role. Among other … read full article


With 190 million members, the career platform LinkedIn is currently the world's largest network for business contacts. In 2003, the social network LinkedIn was launched in California. The individual profiles are presented in the form of a CV and can be constantly updated by the members. The platform is designed so that companies can present themselves and users can maintain business contacts. Furthermore, experts offer advice by request and companies can advertise open positions in … read full article

Local web services

A web service is operated on a web server and supports communication between two electronic devices over the web. This involves cooperation between various application programs that run on multiple platforms. Each software can be identified here by means of a unique URL. Using a web service, data is exchanged among individual software programs or functions are accessed on various computers. The exchange usually runs via the platform-independent scripting language XML. read full article