What is rankingCoach?

rankingCoach is a program that guides you through the optimisation of your website, step-by-step. With rankingCoach, your website quickly appears in better rankings on Google for a fraction of the usual costs, and it can be canceled on a monthly basis!

How does rankingCoach work?

Simplified, rankingCoach is best described in three steps:

1. Planning

rankingCoach analyses your website and asks you for specific relevant information for the optimisation of your website. This includes your industry or your operating area. Together with you, rankingCoach determines the optimal search terms by which you are to be found in search engines. After a detailed analysis of your website in terms of the degree of optimisation, rankingCoach determines an individual optimisation strategy for your website.

2. Implementation

rankingCoach provides you small step-by-step tasks, which you can use to easily carry out the optimisation yourself. These include tasks such as entering search terms in the meta data or making entries in Internet directories.

Like a simple to-do list, you can optimise your website and "check off" the individual steps while rankingCoach checks whether you have properly implemented the tasks or not.

3. Monitoring

On a daily basis, you will see what progress you have already made displayed on a clearly arranged dashboard. You receive a weekly summary report with your current rankings and the most important data regarding your biggest competitors on the Internet.