5 Last-Minute Marketing Tips for Black Friday

Black Friday, the post-Thanksgiving retail extravaganza originated in the US, but in recent years it has become an international phenomenon. The Global search data backs this up. This year sales generated from Digital Marketing, especially from e-Commerce, will be more important than ever. Everyone from SMBs to retail analysts and economists will be keeping a close eye on the retail figures from the day.

With Christmas coming at a time of uncertainty, many people will be looking to get their holiday shopping done early and within budget. This means that there has never been a better time for businesses to consider online Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. Here are 5 things SMBs still have time to do before the big day to make the most of those extra customers looking for bargains online. 

#1 Go for SEM Over SEO 

The vast majority of websites that get an SEO traffic boost on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will have been indexed months ago. Many of those well ranking Black Friday specific pages will be using a date free URL that has ranked for years that the owner simply updates each year with their offer for that Blackfriday, so you will have your work cut out trying to outrank them within the few days left. 

If your site is already indexed and you have some excellent promotions you may get bumped up the results quicker, due to the special aspect of the Google Algorithm that pushes pages for temporary popular trends up the rankings quicker, but this shouldn’t be your only tactic as competition will be fierce.

An option that will guarantee visibility on search engines in time for Black Friday is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Providing you are willing to pay the price per click, you can achieve front page visibility on Google with Google Ads in just a few minutes.

#2 Be Clever With Your Google Ads

Those who do want to use SEM for BlackFriday, take into account that Google Ads are more expensive on BlackFriday so make sure you control your budget. The Google Ads feature of rankingCoach makes this very easy to do. You should also be clever with the wording of your ads. A Google Ad for’ Black Friday Sale’ is going to cost a lot. Try and be more specific with the wording you use and consider running multiple ads for specific products and keywords. 

Don’t be scared to get really specific with your ads, an online rock T-Shirt Store will have to pay a lot for the term ‘Black Friday Clothing sale which will get many clicks,’ but will almost certainly get more value from running a variety of more specific ads: 

Black Friday Beatles T-Shirts Sale

Black Friday Jimmi Hendrix T-Shirt Sale

Black Friday Patti Smith T-Shirts Sale

Black Friday Rolling Stones T-Shirts Sale

Black Friday Bob Dylan T-Shirts offer 

These 5 examples will get fewer clicks than an ad that simply says ‘Black Friday Clothing  Sale’ but each click on these ads will be much cheaper and they will lead to more qualified leads, far more likely to buy the site’s rock memorabilia. 

#3 Don’t Forget To Set Up GMB Event & Offer Posts

Your Google my business page isn’t just for listing your business details and securing your place on Google Maps. You can also use GMB for online and offline promotions. Google My Business has posts that can feature on your Google My Business listings on the Google results page. This can take the form of posts for special offers and events. If you are taking part be sure to create an event post on your Google My Business page. That way anyone who finds your business on search engines has a much better chance of seeing what you are offering. 

Even if your store in town is closed and the sale is taking place exclusively on your online store, be sure to put an event or offers post on your store GMB page so anyone who happens to search your store will be pointed towards your sale. Don’t forget that You can also add promotional videos to your GMB event posts. This will draw more clicks to your site. 

#4 Use Social Media for Attention & Inspiration 

Posts on social media are another classic way of getting the message out there for your promotions. The big day is when most of the sales occur but you can start posting stuff now to tease that offers are coming soon. Reminding your followers that you are still there is crucial, it will make sure they have you in mind on Black Friday. 

Social media is also a gold mine of inspiration for promotional activities. Take the time to see what your competitors are doing. rankingCoach users can get the app to track these activities for them. To get broader views of what companies are offering you can always search the hashtag: #blackfriday.

#5 Work On Your Review Profile 

A site that does effective digital marketing on Black Friday will receive many new customers to their website. These customers will need to make quick decisions if they want to grab the Black Friday bargains you offer. The first place many online consumers to quickly decide if they trust a business is online review websites.

This means your online reviews profile could make the difference between a sales filled Black Friday and not a so good one. 

The reviews that make the difference are your most recent ones. So now is a very good time to check the front page of your review profile and to send some polite emails to your satisfied customers asking them for reviews. Responding to negative reviews is also proven to reduce their negative impact on potential customers. So try to constructively respond to as many of those as you can, again starting with the most recent and most negative. If you don’t have much time to do this, rankingCoach 360 helps you to track and respond to online reviews quickly and easily, try it now for free 

There you have it 5  last-minute marketing tips for the big day. We wish the best of luck to all small business owners on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

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