expertCoach - Kyrill Poelmans

In this edition, we talk to Kyrill Poelmans from webtexttool, a content design tool from the Netherlands!

Please introduce yourself, your company and what you do

Hello, my name is Kyrill Poelmans and I am the co-founder of Webtexttool, an Arnhem-based content optimization tool designed to ensure that our clients can produce the very best content and copy possible and which converts into real leads. I started the company in 2014, alongside my business partner Marcel and we have been going from strength to strength ever since.

What is the most important factor in a successful SEO campaign? 

You need to bring all the different elements together properly. If one element is weak, then it will diminish the effectiveness of all the others. Take the time to ensure that all the different aspect are correct and that they will work well together.

What area of digital marketing do you feel is the most important?

Content marketing. If your content is properly optimized, it leads to far better conversions. It needs to be engaging and informative, you really need to grab the attention of your audience so that they decide to take the next step with you.

In your experience in digital marketing, what is one lesson that you have learned?

Most management still prefers physical items such as flyers for promotional purposes, they still have the need for a tangible object. It's getting better as digital becomes more and more prominent but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Where do you feel the industry is heading in 2019 and what trends do you feel will become more/less important?

I feel like our understanding of data and how to use it correctly will continue to grow, right now many people still don't understand how to take key insights from their data and how to use it effectively.

Thank you Kyrill and webtexttool!

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