Google Makes Big Changes Affecting Local Businesses

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Google Launches Buy on Google commission-free

Google has been pulling out all the stops in recent months to make its technology more available to SMBs and other important parts of our communities. Recently Google’s President of Commerce Bill Ready signalled that Google would be taking this commitment to supporting SMBs a step further with a series of announcements that signal a major shakeup to E-Commerce and Google’s strategy with shopping and search.  Google plans to expand these changes to other countries by the end of the year. 

Zero Commission Fees for Customers Buying Products on Google 

The first big announcement is that Google is opening up Google checkout to third parties, beginning with Paypal and Shopify. Most interestingly, sellers who use Buy on Google Checkout experience will no longer have to pay a commission fee to Google.  This is precisely the sort of groundshifting change that we explored recently in Blog. It means that the cost of offering E-commerce on your site could be set to tumble, and with greater backing from Google Small businesses may finally be getting the payment support they need.  

Google Offers integration for Shopify and Paypal 

Google also announced it’s making it easier for shop owners to combine Google’s platform with their other online retail solutions allowing users to use their inventory from Shopify and order management from Paypal and Shopify. Google is also allowing retailers to use commonly-used product feed formats without needing to reformat this data. Google has identified these two major players as the first brands to gain this functionality but they won’t necessarily be the last. 

Google Helping SMBs in The Search

In response to an increasing interest from the public in supporting small and local businesses, Google is launching  a new small business filter on the Google shopping tab. This means searchers will be able to filter their shopping results to help them find and support smaller businesses. This represents an important chance for SMBs to get even more out of SEO as those who wish to support local businesses will soon have the power to take the bigger names out of searches. These changes complement recent actions from Google in the US who have made it free for retailers to list their products on Google shopping. 

What Google’s Changes Mean for SMBs

All of these new changes are currently up and running in the US with some additional elements being trialed. They should be international by the end of the year. Google opening up its platform to external providers for E-Commerce certainly is a notable development, as is dropping the commission fee for Google Checkout. Signalling that Google may be looking to encourage more purchases directly from its search engine which means core Digital Marketing activities like SEO Google Ads could become even more important in the future. 

Regardless of how things develop we’ll keep you up to date right here at the Blog from rankingCoach.

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24 Jul, 2020