Online Marketing - 10 Essential Keys to Growing Your Business - Part 2

Two weeks ago, we began to explain to you the reasons why Online Marketing is useful to help grow your business. To assist you in further seeing the value of Online Marketing, we will provide you with the final 5 reasons why Online Marketing for small and medium businesses is worth another look. 


6) Brand reputation


Thanks to the Online Marketing business owners can be closer to their customers and can create better relationships with their targeted audience. Through Online Marketing customers can review/rate business' services and help generate a great brand reputation for your business. That being said, it is really important to take care of these review platforms as bad reviews can have an adverse effect and can ruin your business. 


7) Better ROI

If you are looking for the best way to invest time and money into your business, Online Marketing should be at the top of your list.  Online Marketing provides a better Return-On-Investment than others marketing channels thanks to the precise targeting. Moreover, Online Marketing is the fastest promotion strategy to see financial results.


8) Creating Trust


Trust is vital for any business. As we said before, a business must take care of their customers to obtain their trust. According to a study from Nielsen Global, 90% of people state they would trust information about a brand, product, service from people they know, so it is better for a business if their customers only have positive things to say about them. 


9) Call-to-Action

With Online Marketing there are many possibilities to create interactions with your customers and the best way to do so is through a direct call-to-action. Call-to-actions are buttons such as "SIGN UP", "LIKE", "DOWNLOAD", "CONTACT", and/or "BUY NOW" that encourage the user to complete an action on your website.  This allows businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers and to lead them to a sale.


10) Mobile Presence

Reach everyone, everywhere! An article from SmartInsights outlines that there are currently more users of mobile devices than those of laptops.  For this reason it is important to ensure you are reaching your target audience where they are browsing.  Optimizing a website for mobile devices is not always affordable for everyone, however, you can still reach your customers via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and also through various online directories.

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