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What is rankingCoach?

rankingCoach is an SEO software that guides you through the optimization of your website, step-by-step. rankingCoach helps you to understand search engine optimization by creating a customized action plan made of small, easy tasks for your website. Using the weekly result report, you can understand your website's performance and increase its performance.

What separates rankingCoach from other SEO tools?

rankingCoach generates a customized SEO strategy for your website. Unlike other tools, you receive an action plan that is precisely tailored to your company and your SEO goals. There are over also over 1000 video tutorials we have to help guide you along the way.

Is my action plan really customized for my website?

Of course! Using your website, search terms, industry and coverage data, rankingCoach determines an SEO strategy that is precisely tailored to your company. This way you receive tasks and tips that exactly match your goals: from the best performing search terms to the best link givers in your industry.


What do I do first after registration?

First, set up your personal settings. This includes information about your domain, your content management system and about your company. In the next two steps, select your keywords and define your competitors. Once these basic inputs that are important for the tasks have been completed, you can then begin to complete your tasks in the individual stages.


Do I have to be an SEO expert or programmer to use rankingCoach?

Not at all! rankingCoach gradually gives you all of the know-how you need to optimize your website.

Do I have to be able to use HTML to use rankingCoach?

No! The individual tasks are so easy that anyone can do them - even without HTML knowledge.

Do I need to download other programs to be able to use rankingCoach?

No! rankingCoach is a web-based software that you can use at any time from anywhere. You simply log into your account from any computer. Some specific tasks might require FTP access software, but it is not necessary to do those tasks.

How long does it take to optimize my website with rankingCoach?

You can complete the individual tasks as quickly as you like. For each task, you are shown how much time it is likely to take so that you can optimally allocate your time.

What if I take longer? Can I proceed more slowly?

You can proceed at your own pace. The strategy is uniquely developed for your site and can be implemented at any time, whenever is convenient for you.

What if I do not understand the tasks?

rankingCoach provides you with easy to understand explanations for each task that allow you to breeze through the individual tasks.


Is it possible for me to have problems with search engines if I optimize my website with rankingCoach?

Of course not! rankingCoach was developed by experienced SEO experts and observes the guidelines of search engines with all of its measures.


Free trial period

To see how great rankingCoach is for yourself, you can test the Pro version of rankingCoach for 2 weeks for free. If you do not want to continue to use rankingCoach after the free trial period, you can easily close your account at any time simply by informing our customer support at
support-en@rankingcoach.com. Of course, if your rankingCoach account has been canceled before the end of your free test version, then your account will be automatically disabled at the end of the trial period. Your placement reports and keywords, as well as information about already fulfilled tasks are deleted with the deactivation.

Subscription and conditions

rankingCoach Pro - monthly contract

If your account is not canceled within the free trial, you will be subscribed to rankingCoach as a monthly subscription for $29.95 plus tax per month. If your account is not terminated with a prior notice of at least 7 days before the end of the contract period, then you will automatically be enrolled for another month. Your payment option can be selected either during registration, or in the customer options (credit/debit card or paypal).

rankingCoach Agency version - monthly contract

You can use rankingCoach from the start as a monthly subscription for $129.95 plus tax per month. If your account is not terminated with a prior notice of at least 7 days before the end of the contract period, then you will automatically be enrolled for another month of use. Your payment option can be selected either during registration, or in the customer options (credit/debit card or paypal).

Where can I find the bill for my account?

You will receive the first bill for your account via Email to the Email address you filed for your account. Other bills and payment reminders can be sent by rankingCoach to users via Email or as an online bill stored in the customer area.


I have inserted everything as prescribed in the task, but the tool is giving me an error. Why?

1.) Make sure that you inserted the keywords in your page as said in the task. "Flower" is not the same as "Flowers." "Nursery" is not the same as a "Nursery business." Whether you write a word with or without a hyphen plays a role!

2.) Check your keywords for spelling mistakes!

3.) Have you inserted the keywords in the right page? In stage 1, all keywords belong to the homepage. In stage 2, all keywords belong in the respective subpages!

Do I really have to insert the keywords visibly in my page or can I hide them?

They keywords must be inserted as text on your page according to the task. Only in this way can the search engine display your content when someone searches for one of your keywords. If the search engine does not find the keyword, another web page will be preferred in the results. Hiding any text is against the Google guidelines and results in more disadvantages for you instead of advantages.

Do I have to complete all tasks?

Yes. Although some tasks are more important than others, you should generally still implement all of the tasks in order to maximize your success. Every uncompleted task means a disadvantage regarding optimization.

What happens when I have completed all tasks?

After completing all of the tasks, it is now time to first observe the rankings and results. Through the analysis you have a continuous overview of where you must still be active. You can then review the success of your search terms here and adjust your search terms and thus your optimization if necessary. Even if other search terms become important to you, you will receive the overview from rankingCoach of what needs to be done.


What keywords should I choose?

Choose the keywords that are most important to you and that most accurately describe what you offer. Ideally, these keywords should already be on your web page. Keywords that are too general may increase the competition and are therefore could be more difficult to rank. The more targeted the keyword, the more relevant your visitors are later.

How can I delete or change keywords?

Once you are logged into rankingCoach, please visit this page:

By clicking on the "X" at the end of a keyword, you can delete the respective keyword. Change the sequence via drag & drop and add new keywords as usual (only if all places are not already occupied).

Please note that for any change to the keywords, the tasks must be recreated and done again! You will also lose the evaluation of removed keywords.

What does the search volume mean?

The search volume tells you how often a keyword is entered in the search engine and searched for each month. The higher the search volume, the greater the competition generally is and therefore the more difficult the ranking of this keyword.

Why does the search volume fluctuate over the months?

This may be because a search term is seasonal. Christmas tree decorations are inquired more often in December than in July for example. Beach balls are searched for more often in summer than in the winter.


How does rankingCoach work?

After you have saved all settings, keywords and competitors, your tasks will automatically be created for you and tailored to your web page. Every task contains a video tutorial that explains to you exactly what you need to do. You should tick the tasks after you complete them. For most tasks that must be implemented on your web page, rankingCoach will check to see if it was implemented correctly. If you have made a mistake, you will see this in an error message.


Why do I not have any rankings in my evaluation?

If you have just started to optimize your website, your data is still being collected. You should see your updated data in a couple of days. If you are still not found in the search result, the search engine must first find you through all of the actions you are carrying out through us and include you in the search. Only then will these rankings also appear in rankingCoach.

You should give rankings 3-6 months to develop before you change them. If a keyword does not seem to be ranked at all, you should check whether the keyword is too general. Also see "search volume."

How long does it take until I am ranked?

This depends on many factors. The question cannot therefore be answered across the board. In general, however, SEO is a long-term task and you should prepare yourself more for a marathon than a sprint.

Why are my rankings going down?

Especially when beginning an optimization, an up and down in the rankings is very normal, because constant assessments of your page are taking place by the search engine. It takes a while until this has leveled off. You should give your keywords about 3-6 months for ranking development before you take further action.

What does the number in the ranking mean?

Every page in Google shows 10 search results. "1" would therefore mean that with this keyword, your page is located in the first place on the first page. "11" would mean that with this keyword, your page is located in the first place of the second page and so on. The smaller the number, the better the ranking.

What does the visibility index reveal?

The calculation of visibility is complicated and shows the visibility of your domain in the Google index.
For this purpose, over one million keywords are queried and evaluated every day. The results are weighted by position and search volume for the keyword. So 10th place for a very high-traffic keyword such as "real estate" results in a higher value than 1st place for a seldom-searched keyword such as "buy apartment in Chicago city center." These values are added up for each domain and result in the visibility index.

Why does the visibility index go up or down? What did I do right / wrong?

The analysis of why the visibility index goes up or down is just as complex as the calculation. A detailed analysis in this regard would unfortunately go beyond the scope of rankingCoach. However, the visibility index can be used to very easily compare your own coverage in Google with that of the competition.


Do I have to register with the directories?

Registering in a directory helps you when setting up your backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the better it is for the ranking. However, attention should be paid to high quality backlinks here. You should never purchase backlink packages. There are often bad links hidden here that hurt you more than they help you.

Can I always use the same text for press releases?

Usually yes. Please always note the requirements of the respective press portal here. In contrast to regular text on your website, no duplicate content is created with press releases. Still, never use text that is already on your web page, unless you published the press release yourself.


I cannot define any subpages in rankingCoach.

Make sure that your subpage is accessible on the Internet and is not behind a password protection or something similar.

How do I define subpages in rankingCoach?

When you move the mouse over the corresponding task in stage 2, a popup appears where you can insert the subpage. Alternatively, you can create subpages via this page: https://www.rankingcoach.com/customer/settings/landingpages

Do I really need to create a subpage for every keyword?

Yes and no. Keywords that belong together directly or are synonyms can be optimized on the same subpage. In general, however, a subpage should exist for each of your keywords and an optimization should take place. You should give the page good content that is tailored to the keyword, thereby encouraging Google to include this keyword-specific site in the search.

Can I hide subpages?

No. Each optimization must be made for the visitor and not for the search engine. The subpages must be accessible for visitors and search engines, and it is best that they are linked from the homepage.


Do I really need to register in these directories?

A registration in these directories helps you to get backlinks, which are important for the ranking of your web page. This is why you should register with all possibilities. If you do not see any opportunity to register in a directory/portal, you can skip the step.

A directory rejected me. What now?

It can always happen that you receive a rejection. If no reason was provided for the rejection, check whether you really complied with the rules of the directory/portal and try again after making a correction. In cases of doubt, contact the directory directly. rankingCoach has no influence on being accepted in a portal.

I simply have not received any confirmation Email from a directory.

Some directories do not send confirmations or either maintain their directories manually so that it takes longer to receive a confirmation. In cases of doubt, you should contact the directory or portal directly. rankingCoach has no influence on the confirmations from various portals.