rankingCoach Glossary

File name

Files on a data carrier are distinguished using the file name. Depending on the operating system, there are certain requirements in terms of length, spelling and allowable characters. The file-ending following the dot is used to identify the file type. read full article


In 1997, the company Macromedia released the first platform for presenting and programming multimedia, animated and interactive content under the name Macromedia Flash. In 2005, the company Adobe took over the company Macromedia. The representation of raster graphics, video clips and vector graphics as well as their animation and manipulation is enabled through Flash. With version 11 of Adobe Flash, it is possible to present 3D content. read full article


A footer is the "footer" (bottom line) of a web page. It is used for quick navigation and often contains links to the About page, contact form or the like. It is detached from the main text or content and is usually visible at the bottom of every page. read full article


Foursquare is a social network based on GPS data. The user's current location can be sent to the network as "Checked in" with free software for cell phones or smart phones, via text message or directly on the Foursquare website. In addition to the information sent to associated friends that you are currently in a certain location, Foursquare offers the opportunity to receive recommendations for locations and restaurants and to be awarded with points. Users can also collect virtual points for … read full article


Data that is accessed on the Internet can be selected and sorted using filtering. The filters are included in the web server, web browser or e-mail program as a program or module in the client or on the server page. They work in a statistical, mathematical or database-driven manner. read full article


Frames are used to divided the display area of a browser into bound areas. Individual frames can be filled with various content that is either static (i.e. not scrollable) or dynamic. Frames have been supported since Internet Explorer 3.0 as well as Netscape 2.0. They are established as a standard with HTML 4.0. read full article

Fresh Crawl

Fresh Crawl means that a web page is being analyzed by the so-called crawler of a search engine for the first time. The analysis primarily takes into consideration pages that are new to the Internet and are still unknown. This analysis is performed by the Freshbot. The page is then included in the Fresh Index. read full article

Fresh Tag

The term Fresh Tag refers to the result lists of search engines. A date after a listed URL provides information about when a bot last visited and analyzed the website mentioned. read full article


The Freshbot analyzes newly registered sites as well as the regular updates on web pages. As soon as an update is detected, the last strong position is incorporated into the ranking. Pages visited by a Freshbot appear very quickly in the index, but only a superficial crawl process takes place initially. Freshbots only record HTML and test pages. read full article


"Froogle" designates a former product search service from the company Google Incorporated. The search engine was launched in the U.S. and Great Britain in 2002 and has been available in Germany since 2008. Meanwhile, Froogle was renamed "Google product search" or "Google shopping." The database Froogle or Google Shopping is similar to that of the search engine Google, with the difference that Froogle automatically scans websites for offers. In addition, dealers can register their … read full article