rankingCoach Glossary


Google, officially Google Incorporated, was founded on September 04, 1998 by Sergev Brin and Larry Page (the namesake of PageRank). On this day, the first version of the search engine Google was released as a trial version in order to then be launched on the web as an official version a short time later. Google Inc. is the company that currently has the largest and leading search engine on the Internet (as of May 2012). read full article

Google Bombing

Google Bombing refers to a type of manipulation of Google's search index. That is why many links are set with a specific anchor text for a website. Due to the many links with identical link texts, the website is listed highly for the respective terms, even if the context is not given on the website. read full article


The term Googlebot designates the crawler of the search engine Google. This software downloads all content, text as well as images from the Internet so that they can be found via the Google search. read full article

Google Click Tracking

Google Click Tracking is another tool for evaluating individual websites, because it also provides an analysis regarding which search result a user has clicked on in the Google search result list. read full article

Google Dance

Google Dance is the name for an index update from Google, which Google continuously carried out every four weeks. A behavioral change was observed in the search results list here, which was referred to as "dancing." In addition, fluctuations resulted in PageRank of web pages. The results, which each show their own index, were compared in various data centers. In the process, every data center updated its index at staggered time intervals, which made it possible to lead to a new result … read full article

Google Everflux

Google Everflux refers to the variability of the representations of the search results pages in Google. Just as quickly as new websites are recorded in the results lists of Google, they can disappear again. After some time, the websites may reappear. This is because new sites are first only briefly detected by "Fresh Crawl" and included in the Google directory. Only after a "deep crawl" are new websites fully included in the Google index. read full article

Google Local

Through Google Local, the search results can be matched to a certain radius around the potential location of the user. For example, when searching for a gas station using the Google Local search, gas stations within the surrounding area are displayed with addresses and telephone numbers. read full article

Google Maps

Google Maps provides users with information regarding certain locations, hotels or businesses. Entering an address will display the exact position on an interactive map. Aerial and satellite images can also be displayed. Google Maps is one of many services provided by the company Google Inc. and was launched in February 2005. Additional services include a route planner, real-time traffic information and connections with public transportation. An expansion to Google Maps is offered by the … read full article

Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox captures the domains that are temporarily unavailable during searches. This is usually the case with new domains. While in the Google Sandbox, the relevant search terms do not achieve a good ranking. read full article

Google Shopping

Google Incorporated offers the service Google Shopping to increase sales and also accesses to the website by companies. In order to offer products in the Google Shopping Center, they must be submitted via the Google Merchant Center by means of XML data feeds or TXT files. The aim is that products are more quickly found by Google users and prospective buyers are specifically directed to the appropriate pages. It is free to position and sell products on Google Shopping. read full article

Google Site maps

Google Site maps provide a complete, hierarchically structured overview of all pages of a website. The operator of a web page provides these page overviews to illustrate to the users the scope and structure of the site. read full article

Google Toolbar

In addition to the search engine accessed via google.com, Google also offers an add-on for some browsers with the Google toolbar. The toolbar search field makes search queries possible without having to access the actual Google page. In addition, Google+ users can use the toolbar to share content. Pages in foreign languages can easily be translated with the Google Toolbar. read full article


Google, officially Google Incorporated, was founded on September 04, 1998 by Sergev Brin and Larry Page (the namesake of PageRank). Google then released a social network integration of their website in 2011. This allows users to create an account, add people to their circles, post pictures and videos, and connect with people in general in a fashion similar to Facebook. read full article

Google Snippets

Snippets are the combination of the headline, URL, and description provided in google. These are important since they show a generalized view of the information in a website making up the search engine result pages (SERP). read full article