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A search engine only detects the source text of a web page so that it can only detect text and numbers as such. In order to make an image "visible" for a search engine, information such as dimensions, a thematically appropriate file name and the so-called alt attributes is embedded, which is enriched with search terms and descriptions. read full article


ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The company is a non-profit organization that was supervised by the U.S. Department of Commerce until 2009 and is now under international supervision. The main task of the company is the global management of the top level domains as well as the management of the Ipv4 and the Ipv6 protocols. read full article


The term iFrame literally means "inline frame" and refers to an HTML element that supports the structure of a web page. An iFrame is an independent element and appears in a pre-defined segment of the web page. Information that is loaded into an iFrame can come from various domains or web servers. read full article

Inbound Links

Inbound links are hyperlinks that lead from an external website to your site. Therefore, if the operator of a website sets a link that refers to your site, then this link is an inbound link. The operator of another website refers to the same link as an outbound link. read full article


An index is the database of a search engine. Various search engines comb through World Wide Web with so-called spiders or crawlers at certain time intervals and index every website, unless it is marked with "no index." Individual pages can be excluded from indexing via the attribute "nofollow." If a search inquiry is made, the index is searched through and a results list is issued. In this way, the entire WWW does not have to be searched through every single time. Some search engines access the … read full article

Indexed websites

An "indexed website" is a website that is displayed in the search results of a search engine. This site is listed in the database (index) of the search engine. Being included in the index is a pre-requisite for the site being found in a search engine after entry of a search term. To check whether a website was included in the search engine index, you can enter site:domainname in the Google search field. If no result is displayed after this input, the website has not yet been included in … read full article

Internet Explorer

"Windows Internet Explorer," which is widely referred to as simply "Internet Explorer," is a web browser from Microsoft and is integrated in the Windows operating system. Internet Explorer dominated as the most-used browser for many years. It is now behind the market leaders of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The latest version is Windows Internet Explorer 10 (as of January 2014). read full article

IP address

IP is an abbreviation and stands for Internet protocol. Every PC or server that is connected to the Internet receives an IP address. The IP address is a number. It consists of four sets of numbers separated by periods and contains numbers between 0 and 255. The IP is used to uniquely identify every user, whereby data exchange can take place. A distinction is made between fixed IP's that always stay the same and dynamic IP addresses, which only apply for the time period of an Internet session. read full article

Internal linking

Internal links refer to the links to individual pages from within a website. When a website links to another page on that website, it is said that there is an internal link. When your website has appropriate internal linking, search engine crawlers can more easily crawl your website. It also helps visitors navigate your website. read full article