rankingCoach Glossary

Keyword (search term)

A keyword is a search term that is used to search the World Wide Web. Users enter one or more keywords in the search engine search field to obtain optimal search results. In order to appear in these results, it is important to use keywords relevant to your own website. read full article

Keyword Density

The keyword density indicates how frequently a keyword appears in relation to all other words on a website. An example: If 100 words are on a web page and the keyword "fire dragon" appears four times, then the keyword density for "fire dragon" is four percent. read full article

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means that a web page is "crammed" with one or more keywords. This is intended to create a high keyword density and therefore a high ranking within search engine results pages. Keyword stuffing is a method that should no longer be practiced today, because it can be penalized by search engines. read full article