rankingCoach Glossary

Meta Robots Tag

The meta robots tag is a meta tag in the header of the respective source code of a website. The behavior of spiders (see spider), which scan the web for search engines, is controlled by this tag. There are, for example, settings such as follow, nofollow, index or noindex. This specifies whether the spider should follow the hyperlinks on the website or not or whether the entire website should be indexed or not. A robots.txt file must be used to prevent entire directories being checked by a … read full article

Meta Description

A meta description is a part of the meta information and is stored in the source code of a page. It should represent the content of the respective page in summary. The meta description is used as an optimization measure in the field of search engine optimization. It is suitable for the placement of important keywords. In addition, the meta description is shown in the results of a search engine. It should not exceed 160 characters, because it will then no longer be displayed in the search … read full article


This term designates a module for Apache server (also see Apache server). Using this component, a server can be prompted to rewrite URL's (also see URL's) according to defined rules. Static pages can be created, for example, from dynamic web pages using the module. In the field of professional search engine optimization, working with the mod_rewrite is an important issue. read full article