rankingCoach Glossary

Natural search results (organic listing)

"Organic listings" refer to the "real" search results, i.e. search results that are listed by the search engine bots because they detected a web page. These are different from the "paid listings," which occur due to a contract between website operators and search engine operators. These effective advertising measures set themselves apart from the organic listings. Paid listings can be recognized as advertising due to features like colored accentuation and arrangement. With Google, for … read full article


Outbound links to other websites are often placed on a website, for example to refer to other information on a topic. However, sometimes website operators would like to avoid a search engine following the outgoing links. This is common, for example, for Wikis and forums in order to avoid spam or manipulations to benefit link building. The link attribute or microformat "nofollow" is one way to set a sign for search engines that the link should not be followed. This can be applied to entire … read full article