rankingCoach Glossary

Page Impressions

Page impressions denote the number of clicks through which a page is accessed. This value is interesting for the measurability of measures in online marketing. It is important to note here that page impressions do not necessarily have to be equivalent to the accessing of a page. Corresponding programming ensures the reliability of this information. read full article


The PageRank is a set of criteria with which the search engine Google evaluates the link popularity of a page, i.e. the PageRank indicates how many links refer to a certain page. In addition, pages are also evaluated from where links lead to a corresponding web page. They are incorporated into the PageRank evaluation according to their quality. The evaluation of the PageRank is expressed by a number between 0 and 10. The higher the number, the better the PageRank evaluation. read full article

Page title

The page title is an important part of a web page, because it contains important information for the user and search engine. Keywords in the title improve the classification in the ranking by the search engine. For the user, the page title is used as the first line of information in the search results and is also used for orientation. read full article