rankingCoach Glossary

Spam guestbook

With the spam application "Spam guestbook," a large number of guestbook entries are made arbitrarily and usually automated on various websites. This measure is intended to result in a higher link popularity. read full article

Source code

Source code or source text is the program code of software or a web page, i.e. the original code, as it was created by the programmer and can be viewed by the user via a web browser. read full article


SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to measures that contribute to improving the ranking of web pages in search engines (also see: search engine optimization). read full article

Site map

The site map shows the structure of an entire website. Through linking, the user usually gets from the site map to all other pages of the website. read full article


Spiders (also called robots, bots or crawlers) are programs with whose help search engines comb through the Internet to index the content of websites. The spider finds websites either through the registration of a page or through linking from other pages. read full article

Status Code 301

If an HTTP query is sent to a server, then this server replies with a so-called status code. If you receive a status code with the number 301, this means that the requested URL is no longer available. It either does not exist any longer or it was permanently redirected to another URL. Using appropriate programming, it is possible that the server redirects the query directly to another URL. The meaning of the status code 301 is "moved permanently." The visitor does not notice this redirect under … read full article

Status Code 303

For every HTTP query, the web server sends a response to the browser in the form of a status code. The status code 303 stands for "See other" and means that the data that was requested is available - but it is at a different location than that from which it was originally requested. The data that was requested with the mail method should now be taken from the server from a specific source with the get method. The right answer is provided by the address in the "location header field." read full article

Status Code 404

A status code is generally sent by the server when an HTTP query is made. It then responds to the client by, for example, sending the status code 404. In this case, the status code says "Not found' and means that the requested page cannot be or can no longer be found. Occasionally, there is also no reason to reject the request - the error code 404 is also sent in this case. This is called a "dead link" when a file cannot be found, was removed or was renamed. read full article

Status Code 500

A server generally responds to an HTTP request with a status code. This will convey to the client whether the request was successful. If status code 500 is shown for a request, then an unexpected server error has occurred. The cause for an unexpected server error could be an internal server error. The meaning of the status code 500 is therefore also "Internal server error." The status code 500 is a general error message, because the error in this case cannot be specified any further due … read full article

Status Code 503

If an HTTP query is sent to a server, then a reply is sent to the client stating whether the request was successful. A so-called status code is sent in the process. If the server is temporarily unavailable, the client receives the status code 503 as a response. This means "Service unavailable." A possible reason for this may be that the server is in the maintenance process or is overloaded. Sometimes "Retry after" header fields in the query response indicate to the client the time at … read full article

Search engine-friendly URL's

URL's are search engine friendly if they have a clear structure and have meaningful names, i.e. they do not consist of cryptic numbers and characters. These are also called clean URL's. Ideally, the structure corresponds to the organization of the navigation with its individual levels. The URL to a sub-page in a shop with running shoes could for example read as follows: www.domain-name.com/athleticshoes/runningshoes. A corresponding folder structure is created on the web server. … read full article

Search engine optimization

The adaptation of a web page to the requirements and guidelines of search engines is referred to as search engine optimization or SEO for short. Through this process, an improved constant ranking is to be achieved in the natural search results. The focus of search engine optimization is improved findability with Google, which is currently the largest search engine on the World Wide Web. The constant findability with Google also affects the findability of a web page in other search … read full article

Search volume

The search volume reflects how often a certain phrase or term was searched seen in a certain period of time. This value helps when selecting the keywords. read full article