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Text attributes

Text attributes denote HTML tags which are used to help highlight words in a text. With attributes such as "bold," "underlined," "strong" and "italic," terms are visually highlighted and convey a higher degree of relevance to users and search engines. For optimization purposes, important keywords should therefore be highlighted with a text attribute. read full article


There are different types of meta elements that are used to facilitate the searchability of websites for search engines. These include meta title and meta description. This information is in the header area of the source code of a website. The meta title is shown as a page title. This information is visible when you look at the source code of a page. The title is also visible in the tab field of a browser. In the search results, from Google for example, the title usually appears as a … read full article


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform or an instant messaging service. A message that is sent by a user via Twitter is called a Tweet. 140 characters can be sent per Tweet. The network was originally intended for friends to inform each other about their current activities. Now Twitter is frequently used by politicians, public figures and companies to disseminate current news or for image purposes. Anyone who uses Twitter can follow other users. The Tweets of other users appear on the … read full article