Maximize your Local Visibility

Make sure your business is found in over 20 top directories

Become a hero in your local market

Manage your Local SEO professionally. Sign up to all the vital online directories with ease, always keeping your information up-to-date and maximizing your local visibility. Managing local directory listings will improve your local rankings on Google, Bing & other Search Engines. Ensure you always know when customers post a review or when competitors write about you. Be the first to recognize important opportunities on Social Media!

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Create listings in 20+ top directories with 1-click

Effortlessly create and update listings in over 20 top directories. Secure and standardize your business's important public information in key local directories including Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and many more. Creating an accurate up-to-date directory presence will make your business easy to find online. It only takes a few minutes to set up.

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Keep key business info up to date in all the right places

Take all the hassle out of maintaining your directory presence. Synchronize and centralize your listing at the push of a button. Make sure customers can always see your important info including opening hours, holidays, changes to address, and promotional photos. This means no more misunderstandings. Customers will always know where and when to find your business.

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All your business's reviews in one place

Reviews have a huge influence on the purchasing decisions customers make. rankingCoach shows you what customers are saying about your business online, giving you the power and tools to react quickly and appropriately. A well-managed review profile will revolutionize the way your brand is perceived, opening your doors to new opportunities and many new customers.

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Customer retention made easy

Make sure your customers always know about your latest promotions, events, and company news. With only a few clicks, publish your business's story on all the most important platforms including Google My Business and Facebook. Increase your reach and create customer loyalty.

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Maximize your online visibility

Creating a consistent and professional directory presence is key to building a successful local business in the 21st century. rankingCoach makes it easy to synchronize your directory listings in all the right directories. This creates more local citations in Google's search results which leads to greater visibility on Search Engines for your businesses and ultimately, more profits for you.

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Local Ads with just 1-click

rankingCoach uses keyword and location analysis to create tailored Local Ads that fit the exact needs of your business. Making sure that anyone, in your neighbourhood, who would be interested in your business, finds your ads in their Google Maps and search results.

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Always stay informed & ahead of the competition

Knowledge is everything - this is especially true in the field of Digital Marketing. rankingCoach scans the internet and alerts you the moment it finds references to your business and brand. Get full 360 degree feedback for your business and have the edge on your competitors.

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The best way to get new customers

I'm not too great with computers, so I found the idea of taking my business online a bit scary. rankingCoach made Digital Marketing simple and easy to understand. Since I started doing Local Marketing, a whole new generation of customers have started visiting the store.

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FAQ for Online Directories & Local Marketing

  • What is Local Marketing?

    Local SEO incorporates all strategies of Digital Marketing that look to maximize a business's local online visibility and attract more customers in the local area. This is especially important for businesses with physical premises that can only attract customers from within traveling distance. Creating consistent listings for your business in online directories, like Google My Business (GMB), is an important part of building an effective Local SEO strategy. Many customers use these directories to help quickly find a suitable local business for their needs. That could be a nearby restaurant, the best architect in town, or even a lawyer. In fact local directories have listings for almost every industry. Local SEO is all about making sure that your business is found in these local searches. Directory listings can also be displayed directly in search results.

    For example, Google My Business is Google's a own local directory. Listings for GMB appear in Google's Search Engine results at the top of the results page just below and/or sometimes above paid advertisements. There are local directories for almost every industry, many of these directories also create a review profile for each business. Many consumers base their purchasing decisions on reviews they read on these profiles. The impact of this cannot be ignored, even if you haven't set any directory listings up, it is very likely that listings currently exist for your business. Directories like Google My Business automatically generate a listing for almost every business. In order to make sure your business is being presented in the best possible light, you must claim your listings and keep them up to date. Taking control of your listings and managing them in a quick and cost-effective way will make sure that next time someone is in your area and searching for the best business in your industry - they find you.

  • Why does my business need Local Marketing?

    Today, most people use online directories to look up business information and read reviews when making purchasing decisions. If your business isn't in local directories many customers simply won't find you. You may also be losing customers because they are getting the wrong information from these directories, or worse, because your business is being poorly represented on them. It is crucial for every company to be listed in as many relevant directories as possible and to have control over these listings. This is the only way to ensure that potential customers see exactly the right information and images. Building this presence also makes it much easier to track customer reviews and to react to them promptly. Taking control of your listings and managing them in a quick and cost-effective way will make sure that next time someone is in your area and searching for the best business in your industry - they find you.

  • How does rankingCoach 360 help me with Local Marketing?

    Don't have the time to become a Digital Marketing professional nor the budget to pay for one for every small change and update? rankingCoach 360 is precisely tailored to the needs and capabilities of small businesses, making it possible for you to handle all of the most important areas of Digital Marketing yourself, without prior knowledge, without needing to invest a lot of time. rankingCoach 360 helps you to build a professional presence in the most vital directories:

    1. Assess your current directory presence

      Our free directory checker quickly and easily checks your company's existing entries, finding which information is wrong or missing in each directory.

    2. Secure listings in all the most important directories with just 1-click

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      rankingCoach 360 synchronizes your company's information in all the top directories in no time. Gain full control over how your opening hours, pictures, videos and business details are published while protecting your brand and making sure you are found.

    3. Get the message out to your customers instantly

      Need to make quick or temporary changes to your business's public information? - New opening hours, relocating, a new telephone number, or a new employee? With rankingCoach you can synchronize vital changes to this public information, in all your directory listings, in seconds.

    4. Easily manage and centralize your news and promotions

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      In just a few clicks, synchronize posts to appear on multiple online directories simultaneously, making sure your customers always know about all your latest events, news, and special offers.

    5. Never miss a customer rating again!

      rankingCoach 360 notifies you the moment reviews of your business are posted, providing a full overview of your review profile. Giving you the control and perspective to easily and comfortably respond to reviews in the best possible way, across directories from one app.

    6. Maximize your visibility in local searches

      Having frequent and consistent local directory entries is a ranking factor. This means it is great for your Search Engine rankings! rankingCoach makes it easy to achieve this whilst also optimizing your website and content, so you can quickly and easily outrank the less well optimized competition.

    7. Place local ads on your Google My Business listing with a few clicks

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      Attract more customers and enhance your Local Marketing presence. With rankingCoach's local ads feature, you can place ads on Search Engines and Google Maps in minutes. Setup is quick and easy and you have full control over the budget. rankingCoach's extensive reporting tools help you to maximize the success and efficiency of each campaign and makes sure you never lose sight of your budget.

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