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Maximize your online visibility and website traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). rankingCoach guides you every step of the way with tailor-made video tutorials and extensive evaluation tools. Measure your success and track your competitors’ activities in real-time.

Easily find and rank for the best keywords

Getting the right keywords for your website is the first step to achieving success with SEO. rankingCoach analyses your website and your competition to find the perfect keywords for your market.

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Automatically identify your main competitors

It is not easy to directly locate who your competitors are. rankingCoach finds and gives you vital knowledge on them while saving you time and effort.

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Your personal optimization plan

Maximize your online visibility

rankingCoach automatically synchronizes your directory listings, keeping your entries consistent and ever present. Building up a professional profile of local citations will directly improve your visibility for local searches.

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Improve your rankings with the help of 10,000+ individual video tutorials

rankingCoach creates a tailored optimization plan based on your website's progress, CMS, and many other factors, guiding you step by step through each task with easy to follow video tutorials.

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Tailored to your CMS

All major Content Management Systems (CMSs) are supported by rankingCoach and your optimization plan is individually adapted to your system.

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Easily find great sources for backlinks

rankingCoach shows you backlinks that your competitors have in common and helps you to find and build your own backlinks more efficiently and effectively.

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I never knew I could do it myself

Subscribing to rankingCoach has provided great time and cost value for my business. Now that my site is fully-optimised, customers can find my website on search engines easily. This has really helped to increase my profits.

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Comprehensive analytics

Track 50 keywords in 5 locations daily

Check your rankings daily, see how you are listed in Search Engines nationwide, in your region, your city or even in your district. Screenshots simulate how your site appears in the Search Engine results of potential customers.

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Be one step ahead of your competition

Always know how you are performing against your competitors, so you can react immediately to important developments.

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Measure your success with Google Analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics account into rankingCoach to see where your customers are coming from and how your visitor numbers are improving.

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Assess your local visibility with rankingCoach's LVI

rankingCoach's Local Visibility Index allows you to easily see and understand your site's progress on Search Engines, local business directories, and Social Media reach.

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Maximize your local visibility with Google My Business

Easily create a Google My Business listing and integrate existing listings. Set your listings to automatically synchronize in over 30 directories, and monitor these listings from the dashboard of rankingCoach.

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Track all changes in real-time with the rankingCoach VISION stream

Accessible from a smartphone, PC, or Mac, the VISION feed keeps you informed with real time updates on all the most important Digital Marketing developments relating to you and your competitors. Always making sure you are in the loop with notifications for important events and information that affect your business.

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  • What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core key channel of Digital Marketing. The goal of SEO is achieving the best possible rankings for your website on Search Engines. SEO achieves this result by improving your website in two key areas:

    • Onpage Optimization: This area of SEO focuses on the website itself, seeking to optimize the way users and Search Engines interact with it. This includes site content and technical configurations.
    • Offpage Optimization: This field of SEO looks at optimizing the external factors that impact your site's rankings such as inbound links, references on Social Media and business directory listings. All of these areas are ranking factors. This means improving them will boost your site's Search Engine rankings.

    Google repesents 95% of the total search market. This is why rankingCoach's main focus for Digital Marketing activites is Google.

  • Why does my business need SEO?

    Getting top rankings on the first page of Google for the terms that potential customers use to find businesses in your industry, will bring more customers to your website. Unlike paid ads, which only give you visibility as long as you pay for them, organic rankings don't cost a penny, meaning more profits now and in the long term.

    Since you are not the only one fighting for those top rankings on Google, it is important to understand that you have competition. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment that will take your business's Digital Marketing strategy to the next level, but this work will take time to fully pay off. Within weeks you will start to see results. Within a few months you will have built an efficient, cost-effective, long term strategy for attracting many new customers.

  • How can rankingCoach help my website’s SEO strategy?

    rankingCoach is specially designed for the needs of small and medium businesses. The application creates a comprehensive individualised strategy tailored to your website’s needs that is simple and easy to follow.

    1. Easily find and optimize your site for the best keywords regarding your market
    2. Find and track your biggest competitors
    3. Custom video tutorials show you exactly how to easily implement onpage and offpage optimization of your site
    4. Measure your success with comprehensive analytics, keeping you up to date on your progress and showing you how your site is doing against the competition.

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