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The complete Digital Marketing solution for SMBs

rankingCoach is an easy-to-use Digital Marketing software, tailored to meet the needs of SMBs and local businesses, putting the power and knowledge of Digital Marketing in your hands. You decide exactly how much time and money you invest while having full control. Our mission: to ensure you achieve online success. No more consultants or big agency fees. Without big budgets, lots of time, or any previous knowledge, build an outstanding online presence.

Online Presence

Be automatically listed in all the right places

rankingCoach automatically publishes listings for your company in up to 26 online directories. Publish all the information your customers need to find you, in all the right places, with just 1-click. A consistent and ever-present listing profile will improve your Search Engine rankings, making sure you never lose another customer because of miscommunication.

Note: The number of directories can vary based on the business category, country and other in-app settings

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Google Ads

More traffic and more profits

Launch a professional Google Ads campaign in minutes. rankingCoach creates a selection of customised, targeted Google Ads that are live in a few clicks. Select the ads you want, activate, and immediately start attracting the best possible customers to your site.

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Get top rankings on Google

Custom, easy-to-follow video tutorials show you, step by step, exactly how to set your website up to get the best results with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Track your progress with comprehensive evaluation tools. Maintain your ranking improvements with competitor tracking that always keeps you one step ahead of the competition, making sure more customers can find your business now and in the future.

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Web Reputation

Build a potent online reputation

Monitor reviews of your business on all the crucial review sites. Be alerted the moment a customer writes a review, where it is, and what they are saying. Get advice on how to react, including the best ways to handle negative reviews.

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Social Media Monitoring

Stay up to date

Stay one step ahead of your competition and see every important post that affects your industry. Track your competitors' activity and spot opportunities before they do.

Brand Monitoring

Manage your online presence

Gain the power to react quickly to protect your brand. rankingCoach alerts you the moment websites and forums refer to your business in posts. Know immediately what customers or competitors are saying about you. Enhance your online brand and reputation.

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