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Professional Google Ads campaigns in 3 easy steps

Effortlessly create a precision targeted Google Ads campaigns in a few minutes. Use the power of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your website. rankingCoach makes it easy to understand and removes the hassle. Boost your sales by getting more visitors to your website today.

Choose the perfect ads for your business

rankingCoach uses search term analysis, to automatically generate the best ad choices for your business and industry. Choose the ad you want and easily customize it to your specific needs, all in just a few clicks.

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Set your budget precisely

rankingCoach suggests an appropriate daily budget with a slider that can be adjusted to fit your exact needs. This enables you to see the expected clicks and impressions for each budget so you can get the best possible value for your business.

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How do I measure the success of my ads campaign?

rankingCoach gives you access to an extensive range of analytical tools for tracking the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Giving you access to essential Key Performance Indicators such as clicks numbers, fade-ins, costs for any given period and keyword performance stats, helping you to concentrate your budget on the best keywords and the exact types of devices your visitors are using. This crucial feedback will further enhance your campaigns which can be adjusted or paused at any time.

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Immediate online visibility

Our customers usually find us by word of mouth. This has made things harder when business is quiet. rankingCoach has really helped us during those slower months, quickly attracting us many new customers with its targeted Google Ads.

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FAQ for Google Ads

  • How does Search Engine Advertising with Google Ads work?

    Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) are paid ads that appear in Google's search results. When a search term is entered into Google, ads from advertisers are displayed above and below the organic results. These ads look very similar to the regular results and attract many clicks. Google Ads are charged per click (PPC) based on a bidding system, the more popular a search term is, the more expensive the cost per click (CPC). Having the right strategy for Search Engine Advertising (SEA) can really boost profits while getting it wrong can waste a lot of money.

  • Why does my business need Google Ads?

    Within minutes of starting a Google Ads campaign you will receive new potential customers to your website. This makes Search Engine Marketing one of the best ways to market directly to consumers, and to supplement other Digital Marketing activities. Google Ads needs to be set up correctly. They can be extremely valuable for a business, but they can also waste a lot of money. It's really important that ads are accurately set up, so that the right customers are targeted and reached with the correct message, achieving the best value per click and maximizing profits.

  • Why create and manage your Google Ads with rankingCoach?

    rankingCoach is the best and easiest way of managing and creating professional Google Ads campaigns. The platform creates custom ad texts based on your site's needs and millions of other ads, empowering you to create precision targeted ads campaigns extremely easily. Quickly set your budget and off you go. All the difficult parts are taken care of, leaving you to focus on the essentials. Still not sure? rankingCoach 360 comes with $75 of free Google ads, so you can try it out, risk free.

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