rankingCoach Glossary


AdWords is an online advertising format from Google. AdWords ads are created with specific keywords / search terms and are applied via the Google search pages and various Google networks. If a user on Google searches for one of these search terms, the corresponding AdWord ads appear above the organic search results as well as to the right of these. AdWord ads are marked as advertising space. read full article

Affiliate program

Affiliate programs are used to establish sales networks on the Internet. The provider of a product or a service provides their ads or other advertising media through an affiliate program. The affiliate, i.e. the sales partner, inserts these ads on his page and receives a commission per click, lead (contact), or sale. read full article

Alexa Rank

An estimate by the company Alexa Internet Inc. of the popularity of a website. A lower value indicates a presumably high level of popularity and therefore a high number of visitors to your website. read full article

Alt attribute

A search engine can only read the text elements of a web page. So that search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing can also process the images on a web page, these are provided with so-called alt attributes. Keywords (search terms) are also embedded in the alt attribute of an image that thematically fit with the page and should improve the ranking of the web page on Google, etc. In addition, the alt attribute offers the advantage that people with visual impairments can also understand images, as … read full article

ALT tags

ALT tags are also named ALT attributes and are used with graphics or images of a website, because search engines cannot read images and graphics. That is why images that were inserted on the website via the tag are provided with an alternative text. On the one hand, this is useful for search engine optimization, because every image is thus indirectly noticed by the search engine and evaluated as content. On the other hand, a website is thus barrier-free, which is advantageous for the blind. … read full article

Apache Server

The Apache server, an open source project by the Apache Software Foundation, is the most well-known and frequently used web server. It can be expanded with additional modules and supports all standard programming languages. The Apache server is a part of "LAMP." LAMP is an acronym that stands for a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, which are some of the programs you need to provide dynamic websites. read full article

Article directory

An article directory lists articles from various authors on certain subjects. Within these posts, it is possible to place a link to your own website. These links are usually evaluated as particularly good by search engines, provided they are relevant to the topic. However, an article should not appear in several article directories with the same wording in order to avoid duplicate content. As an author, you can also improve the expert status in your field by publishing many different … read full article


The abbreviation "ASP" has two different meanings: On one hand, ASP is the short form for "Application Service Provider." An ASP provides software products or applications through a network. This usually happens on a rental basis. In addition, the abbreviation ASP stands for "Active Server Pages" - a server script language that was developed by Microsoft for the creation of dynamic websites. As the successor of ASP, ASP.NET was introduced in 2002. The basis for ASP.NET is the .NET … read full article


Search engine providers like Google mark their indexed websites with the so-called "Authority." The authority marks a site so it can speak as an authority in its field. In this way, sites with valuable content are differentiated from those that do not provide any appropriate information for the search query. The search engines evaluate the so-called Authority sites according to how relevant the site is in relation to the search query by using inbound links and other information that is … read full article


A link is a reference in a web page text that functionally provides the opportunity to jump to another web page or to another place on the same web page. By clicking on the link, the reference is opened in the same window or in a new window or tab (depending on the browser setting). A backlink is when a link from another web page refers to a different web page. The number of backlinks that refer to a web page largely determines the calculation of the Google PageRank algorithm. Backlinks … read full article