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    • Competitors analysis
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      • Duration Monthly/Yearly
      • White Label Reporting
      • 25 keywords Keyword Monitoring – Ranking Monitoring.
      • 3 Locations Keyword Monitoring – Local Monitoring
      • 3 Competitors Competitor Analysis
      • Subusers
      • Integrated Time Reporting
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      • $24.95 / Month
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      • White Label Reporting
      • 100 keywords Keyword Monitoring – Ranking Monitoring.
      • 10 Keyword Monitoring – Local Monitoring
      • 10 Competitor Analysis
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      • Integrated Time Reporting
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    • rankingCoach Online Marketing Reseller Solutions
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      • Increase your ARPU Help your customers be successful online
      • Online Marketing for SMBs Tailored to the needs of your customers
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      • 100% localized 11 languages, 23 countries, native support
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Simple and efficient keyword research

rankingCoach has a comprehensive keyword research algorithm that helps you find keywords that your customers will be able to find you with. rankingCoach therefore finds you the keywords that give you the best chance to make more sales.

How easy is your website to find on the internet?

After just a few steps, our website analysis will show you an exact overview of your presence in the most important business directories, SEO metrics, and much more.

Detailed video tutorials for your CMS

Learn how to optimize your website by yourself with step-by-step tasks that guide you with simple and uncomplicated video tutorials. rankingCoach checks your website, analyzes your optimization potential, and then presents you with a set of tasks that include search engine optimization tasks, local online marketing, link building, and social media optimization.

Your Dashboard - Everything at a glance

The Dashboard provides an overview regarding all important information about your optimization status. Here you can see which optimization tasks you should complete next, and how much time you should plan for it in one glance.

Daily ranking information

You can only know you are improving when you can measure your success. rankingCoach always has your daily ranking data for all of your keywords, and the best part is that we have all of your ranking data for each of your selected locations. This way you can find out how well you are doing in every region you operate in.

Local ranking data

The best thing is that rankingCoach shows you exactly how easy it is to find your website in different locations. You can see how your website ranks in your city, in the neighboring city, or even how it ranks nationwide.

Leave your competitors behind

With rankingCoach you are always one step ahead your competitors. With rankingCoach you can monitor their rankings and track their development - until you pull ahead

Activate your analytics account

You can easily link your Analytics account with rankingCoach account and receive exact information about which keywords are working the best for you.

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