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Everything happening online that impacts your business in one-single feed

  • Real-time customer review notifications
  • Track competitors promotions & ads
  • Know when your business is mentioned online
  • Monitor your Social Media activity
  • Connect with Google Analytics & Google My Business
  • Monitor your keyword rankings
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All key aspects of Digital Marketing for your business in one-single place

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  • Track your brand across the web
  • Optimize your site with SEO video tutorials
  • Publish your site in all top local directories with 1-click
  • Manage all reviews in one place
  • Track your Social Media performance
  • Easy Google Ads campaign creator
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rankingCoach 360

General Features

Projects included



Add unlimited number of projects

Each project is paid separately, with a fixed amount, depending on the subscription payment type: annual payment will be $480 ($40/project/Month) and monthly payment will be $60/project/Month.


Track your competitors. See exactly how they are performing and outrank them




Track 50 of your keywords daily and those of your competitors

Each keyword is tracked in each location, so e.g. 50 keywords in 5 locations means 250 keywords tracked per day




Track and improve your rankings with local and nationwide results



Brand Monitoring

Notification feed

Brand and review monitoring with real-time notifications ensure you always know everything happening online that affects your business

Competitors Tracked

Track your competitors' online activity, including social media - spot key opportunities first



E-mail alerts

Be notified immediately whenever important changes are made to your online presence

Weekly Reports

Weekly summary with the most important events that have occurred in the last 7 days

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Video tasks tailored for your CMS

A customized optimization plan that fits your site's exact needs with thousands of easy-to-follow video tutorials

Detailed SEO reports

Detailed reports including your SEO progress



Keywords (in Reports)

Search terms that are visible in the reports section



Google Analytics

In-App Google Analytics integration

Local Marketing

Automated listing creation & publishing

Automatically create listings in over 46 local directories . Publish and keep your business data consistent, so customers can always find you easily

Customer retention

Increase your customers' loyalty and retention with promos and events on Google My Business

Listings protection

Protect your listings from external theft and editing

Easy business data update

Publish changes to your businesses key details, including opening hours, at the push of a button

Google My Business Integration

Create new listings or connect existing ones to gain access to powerful insights and features for your business


Weekly reports and live updates on crucial online developments

Google Ads

Ads Suggestions

Automatically create optimized ad texts tailored to your business to kick-start your campaigns

Budget Control

Daily budget control and full cost transparency


Extensive reporting and analytics for a comprehensive performance evaluation

Online Reputation

Reply to reviews

Respond to reviews cross-platform directly from the rankingCoach App

Review History

Gain a complete overview of your business's review history


Social Media

Connect with Facebook

Fast and secure connection with your business page

Connect with Twitter

Fast and secure connection with your business's Twitter account


Easy to understand statistics for your social media accounts


rankingCoach 360

  1. Requires additional budget/Incurs additional costs to run Google Ads